Membership - All you need to know

Why join our CSA?

It's easy to sign up and fund your account. We have streamlined the process to ensure that you select the option which best fits your eating habits. For as little as $100 you can sign up for a trial membership to receive USDA Certified vegetables, flowers, herbs, blackberries and strawberries. Locally and seasonally grown, don't miss out on the very best Virginia has to offer. By funding your accounts in advance of the season, you supply us with funding necessary to buy seeds, plants, and cover other early season start up costs. CSA funding provides us with operating funds and keeps outside, costly financing to a minimum.

Membership Levels 

  • 2018 CSA Trial Membership Level 1 - $100.00

    Trial memberships are only open to new CSA members.

  • 2018 CSA Membership Level 3 - $300.00 

  • 2018 CSA Membership Level 4 - $400.00

  • 2018 CSA Membership Level 5 - $500.00

  • 2018 CSA Membership Level 6 - $600.00 and above

Deciding on a Membership

One of the most common questions we hear is what Membership Level do I need?
The answer to this depends a great deal on:

  • the number of household members
  • how much do you love to cook vs how often you dine out
  • are you a vegan, vegetarian or carnivore
  • the average dollar amount spent weekly on vegetables
  • the average dollar amount spent on poultry, beef, etc
  • how often you buy eggs, fruit

If you spend approximate $20 weekly on fresh produce, calculate the number of weeks you'd like to participate to get a ball park value.
If spring and summer are your seasons, then about  26 weeks x $20 = $520
Besides organic vegetables and local, seasonal fruit, we also offer pasture raised poultry and eggs.
Remember, your Membership never expires. Your account balance is yours to spend anytime during the year.

Membership Benefits

We are offering two (2) different discounts in 2018.  Here's the break down: 

  • Member Loyalty discounts range from 1% to 3%, for 2018 Memberships. 
    • New members automatically receive a 1% discount.
    • Second year members receive a 2% discount.
    • Memberships of three or more years receive a 3% discount.
  • Funding Level discounts are the second level of discounts earned. The discounts range from 5% is 17% (based on amount funded by the Feb. 15th deadline)
    • $300 and above - 5% discount
    • $400 and above - 10%
    • $500 and above - 12%
    • $600 and above - 17%

Note:  Funding Level Discounts are earned only if your membership is funded by February 15, 2018. These discounts do not apply to amounts funded after February 15, 2018. All discounts are added to your account after your account reaches $0.00. (Not all funding levels are subject to all discounts.)

How to sign up

Click on the Create Account button.